Marriage, partnership, non-marriage living community


By getting married, forming a so-called life partnership (Lebenspartnerschaft), but also by a long lasting non-married partnership the question arises which legal consequences such step has for each of the partners.

The partners need to decide whether they want to apply to their partnership the statutory rules or whether they want to enter into an individual agreement which in particular in case of a later separation or divorce provides for balanced and just arrangements.

In this respect, the entering into a marriage contract or a similar agreement regarding life partnerships and non-married partnerships can be useful to avoid later disputes in case of a separation. In particular for joint children it can be very damaging.

In case you are interested in recording a marriage contract you may simply fill out the ” checklist marriage certificate” lodged on my homepage and send it back to us by email or to receive first informations via the Online-Information lodged on my homepage. On this basis, we can prepare a first draft without you being required to appear in person in my office.

Separation, divorce

In case of a separation respectively a pending divorce I can help you as notary to agree on a just and balanced agreement to deal with all legal consequences of such separation or divorce, such as support, balancing of claims to pensions, asset separation, in particular to avoid long lasting and expensive legal disputes in the interest of your joint children.


As notary I further support you in all aspects regarding the relationship between parents and children also in respect of an envisaged adoption.

As notary, and therefore neutral advisor to the parties, I can give you a first overview of the legal situation. Once we have discussed your personal situation and planning in a personal meeting I can prepare for you a tailor-made so-called precautionary contract.

Of course you can alternatively also arrange for a personal meeting with me.

Telephone: 06128 – 857 430 (Ms. Christina Sedlak, head of notary office)

Please also take note of the following information regarding the area family law, provided ba the Federal Notary Chamber.

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