Sale and purchase of real property


The purchase and the sale of real property is an important matter in which most people are only involved once in their lifetime. In order to ensure appropriate and neutral advice in such matters, but also to protect the parties from taking hasty decisions and suffering severe disadvantages compulsory German law requires the involvement of a notary.

After notarization of the sale and purchase agreement I take care also of its implementation and provide further support required by the parties until registration of the change of ownership in the land register.

Real property sale and purchase agreements can relate to the acquisition of building land, a partial piece of land yet to be officially registered as separate real property, a family home or a multi-family house, a flat, and also to a leasehold (Erbbaurecht).

Depending upon the object involved, the drafting and handling of the relevant agreement is different.

As notary it is my duty to procure a legally balanced and secure structure of all agreements relating to the purchase of land, flats and leaseholds.

If you wish to record an agreement relating to the sale or purchase of real property you may simply fill out the “form real estate real property sale and purchase agreement” lodged on my homepage and mail it back to us. Alternatively you can also fill out the form “online form real estate purchase” available at my webpage and send it to us by mouse klick. On this basis, we can prepare a first draft of the agreement without you being required to appear in person in my office.

Of course you can alternative also make an appointment for a personal meeting in my office with my notarial assistant Mrs. Sedlak under telephone number  06128 – 857 430.

Please also take note of the following information regarding the area real estate law, provided by the Federal Note Chamber.

Financing of transactions regarding real property

In the event that a part of the purchase price needs to be financed by a bank the bank typically requires as collateral the registration of a first ranked mortgage in the land register in its favor. It makes sense to combine the agreement on the a land charge with the recording of the sale and purchase agreement.

Of course I also notarize the establishment of land charges on real property already owned by you.

Division of real property

Part of my duties as notary is also the rendering of advice and the preparation of division declarations relating to the splitting up of a real property, any amendments to such agreements as well as supplements to such agreements in relation to already split-up real property.

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