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As civil law notary with official seat in Taunusstein I am available for notarial recordings of legal transactions of any kind as well as for notarial certifications and other notarial services.

As notary I am obliged to strict independency and neutrality vis-à-vis my clients.

On my homepage you will find initial information regarding my person and my notarial office.

Notarial recordings and certifications can be made by me both in the German and the English language.

Dr. Stefanie von Werder, Rechtsanwältin und Notarin in Taunusstein
In den Räumlichkeiten dieses Hauses residieren wir

Since 20 years I am practicing as attorney (Rechtsanwältin) in all civil law matters with an emphasis in the area of family law and inheritance law.

In the year 2005 I was granted permission to practice as an attorney specialized in family law matters (Fachanwältin für Familienrecht).

After having successful passed the notarial examination, I have been appointed by the President of the Civil Court of Wiesbaden in 2016 as notary with official seat in Taunusstein.

As notary I notarize in German as well as in the English language.

I am happy to support you in finding and implementing in all notarial aspects an optimized and tailor-made solution for your matter in a personal meeting or telephonic discussion with you.

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